Shit Chat #22

Are you aware of how many things there are that protect us from poop particles? Wow were we excited to get a little history behind some of the amazing items that we use daily! Take a gander!


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Shit Chat #21

Y'all remember our episode about FatBerg? Oh. My. God. Squatty Potty has come out with a product that will hopefully(fingers crossed for our toilets) resolve that issue, or at least reduce that shitty clogs that effect our porcelain thrones! Have you tried it yet?


Recorded at Argos Productions

Shit Chat #20

Buying in bulk is so magical and the majestic world of the internet allows us to purchase the best things in bulk, but it doesn't always work out the way that people would hope. Join Ashley and Jeston as they read these shitty reviews.


Recorded at Argos Productions