Purely Poop is the special creation of two great minds who can't get their minds out of the toilet. Ain't that the shits? Why are people so afraid to talk about their BMs? Well, we're not and we're here to get you talking about the shit your parents told you not to.


Ashley Ann Howell

...is a Boise-based artist who has worked with local theatre companies such as HomeGrown Theatre, Boise Contemporary Theatre, and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. She graduated in Spring of 2014 with a BA in Theatre Arts from Boise State University. Ashley's dabbled in acting, stage management, podcast hosting, and is a huge improve nerd. She enjoys karaoke, laughing, and hanging out with her stellar cat, Ichabod. Ashley prefers pizza to flowers and hopes to one day be personally sponsored by Guidos Original New York Style Pizza.

Producer and Host


Jeston Cole Lewis

...belongs to a little bit of everywhere, but always comes back to Boise. He's part musician, part sound engineer, and mostly Minister of Audio Magic of Argos Productions, a creative media company. He's been on stage and behind the curtain, but prefers the mic the most. He is surprisingly good at Jenga, and is known by every Karaoke DJ this side of the Rockies. When not moonlighting as a young, hip Andrea Bocelli, he's probably on the third-place team at trivia night or slaying at Mortal Kombat.

Producer and Host


Sean McNearney

…started his career in live mixing at the age of 19, before moving into Production Sound Mixing. Since then, his work has appeared on Hulu, Discovery Channel, Amazon Prime and the BBC. When he's not working in production sound, you can find him failing spectacularly to restore vintage motorcycles in his backyard.

Recording and Editing Engineer


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